MedViz Seminar 2. December: Microbubble drug delivery in targeted cancer therapy

2016-12-02 MedViz Announcement

A major limitation in conventional chemotherapy is the inability to deliver enough of the therapeutic agent to the target region. Sonoporation, the use of ultrasound and microbubbles to enhance therapeutic efficacy in a targeted location, may be a solution to this limitation. This MedViz Lighthouse project has been focused on understanding, elucidating, and applying sonoporation from lab-to-bench side.

The project focused on pancreatic cancer, a disease characterized by a dense tumor structure located deep in an internal organ, limiting surgical intervention and likely restricting uptake of chemotherapy in the fibrous tumor. Two years survival is 35% and 5 years survival is 12%, and new therapeutic development is desperately needed.

The Project is managed and presented by Professor Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, in close cooperation with Professor Emmet McCormack, Researcher Spiros Kotopoulis and Assoc. Professor Georg Dimcevski, in the MedViz Incubator, Møllendalsbakken 7, 5.floor, 12:00 – 13:00.



Program Manager, MedViz, Haukeland University Hospital Prof. II at Dept. of Biology, University of Bergen, Norway

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