The most important issue for the MedViz board in 2015 has been to follow up the initial work phase of the working group for establishment of a new Medical Visualization Centre at HUS from 01.01.2017. The MedViz board concluded on November 27 and gave the following recommendations to the working group:

  • The initiators behind MedViz and the new center should go for one medical visualization center in Bergen, having physical localization in vicinity to the huge installations of new instruments for image acquisition
  • The brand MedViz should be continued in the new center. It might be a compromise to choose a center name which can be truncated to MedViz, e.g. «Bergen Medical Imaging and Visualization Center» with acronym «MedViz»
  • The collaboration forms already established locally, nationally and internationally within MedViz should be continued, particularly the annual, interdisciplinary MedViz Conference and the seminar series
  • The current lighthouse projects in MedViz should be continued, however, adjusted according to new commitments
  • The mandate for MedViz and the steering model for MedViz should be revised and coordinated with the new center

This issue will be followed up by the MedViz board in 2016.