On this side, we have published some photos from other parts of the MedViz  history.


June 2016: Strategy gathering at Hellisøy Lighthouse, Fedje

Lighthouse panorama

Lighthouse panorama

Hellesøyskjeret (with the Hellisøy lighthouse to the left)

Hellisøyskjeret with the Hellisøy lighthouse to the left

Listening to some lighthouse history

The house of the former lighthouse guard.

Defence Mapping Survey Mark 1974

Defense Mapping Survey Mark from 1974 and used as positioning reference from the air.

Quite some catch!

The great fisherwoman Antonella

The Hellisøy lighthouse (from underneath)

The Hellisøy lighthouse from the pelagic zone

The Hellisøy lighthouse

The Hellisøy lighthouse, built in 1855.


September 2015: Forskningsdagene for kids at Festplassen

June 2015: Strategy gathering at Slåtterøy Lighthouse