Publication of the Month






December-2016-Georg Dimcevski-et-al-2016-A-human-clinical-trial-using-us-and-microbubbles

November 2016 Noeska Smit et al. PelVis: Atlas-based surgical planning for oncological pelvic surgery

Oktober 2016 – Berg et al. Oncotarget 2016 Tissue and imaging biomarkers for hypoxia predict poor outcome in endometrial cancer 

March 2016 – Haldorsen and Salvesen 2016 What is the best imaging method for EC, Curr Oncol Rep


January 2016 – Arteaga_Marrero 2015 Multimodal approach to assess tumour vasculature in prostate


November 2015 – Eikefjord et al. 2015 3D DCE-MRI for estimation of renal perfusion and GFR

February 2015 -Radovan Jirik 2015 – Blind Deconvolution in DCE & MI

January 2015 – Paolo Angelelli et al. 2014 Interactive visual analysis of heterogeneous cohort study data 


October 2013 – Kotopoulis et al 2013 Lab-on-a-chip device for fabrication of therapeutic microbubbles on demand

September 2013 – Kotopoulis et al. 2013 Treatment of human pancreatic cancer using combined ultrasound, microbubbles, and gemcitabine: A clinical case study

August 2013 – Kotopoulis et al. 2013 Sonoporation-enhanced chemotherapy significantly reduces primary tumour burden in an orthotopic pancreatic cancer xenograft

May 2013 – Delalande et al. 2013 Sonoporation: Mechanistic insights and ongoing challenges for gene transfer